Friday, June 6, 2014

The Universal Balancing Process is in Progress

As our entire universe prepares to shift into the New Creation, we are currently undergoing a massive universal balancing process.  Never before in the existence of all of Creation has a balancing process of this magnitude occurred. 

Some of the imbalances that are being rectified have actually been in place since the inception of our universe and as we undergo the transformation to prepare for the New Creation, all existing imbalances must be rectified once and for all. 

Higher frequency energies emanating from Deity are flooding the Earth and all of Creation in order to cleanse, balance and transform Creation in preparation for the shift into the New Creation.  On Earth, as our planet and humanity undergo the universal balancing process, we are experiencing chaos and upheaval which will continue to accelerate until the balancing process is complete on all levels.  On the individual level, the best way to approach this process is to love and accept the pain and grief triggered in you by the personal and global reflections.  In this way, you will heal your own imbalances.

As this stormy process continues to accelerate, it may seem as though there is no end to the chaos and upheaval and it may even seem to be the end of the way of life as we know it.  This is in no way a judgment or punishment from God but simply a process that must necessarily occur if we are to successfully move to the next level of evolution and shift into the New Creation.  Be assured that this is only a temporary state of being and we will come out of the other end of the storm as much more empowered, free and joyful beings ready to step into our New Creation and our true divine destiny.  The best is yet to come!