Sunday, January 19, 2014

Healing and Releasing Deep Blockages and Traumas

Every human carries some deep blockages and traumas at the subconscious level.  Some of these blockages and traumas are from our current or past lives and some are primal traumas which were created before we were birthed from Mother/Father God and did not yet have individual consciousness.

In the case of the very severe pain we hold, we may have even put up subconscious blocks to protect ourselves from the memories of the experiences that caused the pain as we may be afraid that remembering or reliving these traumas could harm or kill us.

Even though we may not be consciously aware that we hold deep blockages and traumas, they affect us immensely. They govern our life and behavior from our subconscious levels.  They hold our essence hostage and thus decrease our personal power, free will, consciousness and vibratory level.

Healing these blockages and traumas requires delving into the subconscious realms and facing and loving the pain and emotions held there.  When you feel ready to face and heal your deeply held pain, ask your spirit guidance and higher self/ intuitive guidance for help as to the best ways to approach your healing process.