Monday, October 21, 2013

Feeling and Moving Deep Pain and Grief

Over the past few weeks, certain events have triggered very deep grief in me. I've been trying to express and move this grief as best as I can but sometimes it really feels overwhelming.  Much of this pain, although triggered by current events and situations, is old held pain that has accumulated from numerous past lives and even this current life that now has to finally move in order for me to heal and gain balance and wholeness.

We all harbor deep pain and grief that is or will be coming up for movement.  When this pain and grief comes up, it may seem as though it's bottomless and you may wonder why you are reacting so strongly to the situation that triggered it.  Rest assured that it will end and it's important to allow the space to move and express everything that comes up.  By doing do, you are healing yourself into wholeness and balance.