Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Power to Heal the World Lies Within Each of Us

As the New Creation prepares to be birthed, everything that is out of balance must be balanced.  This includes the balancing of our personal energy field.  Therefore, we are in the process of a massive dredging up and externalization of humanity's collective shadow, which consists of everyone's denied and disowned parts of self, so that we may own and heal our denied and disowned essence and realize a balanced and whole energy field.  Anyone that doesn't own and heal into balance their lost and denied parts cannot ascend to the new fully balanced fifth dimensional Earth.

Although most people blame others for the atrocities and problems that we are witnessing in our personal venues and on the world stage, these issues cannot be truly healed by trying to make external fixes and by holding accountable those we believe are the cause of the problems.  Trying to handle these problems externally will ultimately not work as their causes are not external but due to our personal and collective internal imbalances.  Do not fall into the trap of trying to blame others for what is being caused by internal denials and imbalances because then you won't work on owning and healing your own denials and imbalance and the external problems will still be there.  Everyone that works on healing their personal energy field into wholeness and balance will contribute to the overall planetary healing.  The realization of the New Creation is almost here and now more than ever, it's imperative to get involved in the healing work