Friday, May 3, 2013

Shadow Flushing and Integration and Releasing False Beliefs and Constructs

The healing and transformation process that our universe, planet and we collectively and as individuals are undergoing is affecting all levels of existence and being.  As humans, we are each undergoing healing and changes to our physical vessel, energy field and consciousness.

One of the specific topics that I would like to address in this post is the healing and integration of the personal and collective shadow.  The personal shadow consists of all the parts of self that an individual has repressed, rejected and refused to accept and love as true parts of the self.  The collective shadow is all of humanity's  rejected and repressed parts of self.  We have all denied and repressed parts of the self that we haven't wanted to accept.  Any parts of self that we continue to reject and lack acceptance for need to be loved, accepted and integrated into wholeness and balance as we evolve into the New World Consciousness.

The healing and transformation process is flushing to the surface parts of self that humanity on a personal and collective level has repressed, lacked acceptance for and refuses to love.  As the healing and transformation process proceeds, parts of self that we haven't loved, accepted and integrated into wholeness and balance will be experienced as outward circumstances on both the individual and global levels that reflect what we are forcing our lost and denied parts of self to hold and experience by keeping them outside of our love and light. The purpose of these reflections is to trigger us into the emotions that will integrate our lost and denied parts of self into wholeness and balance. 

On the level of consciousness, we are also in the process of releasing all false beliefs and constructs, understandings that no longer serve us and old ways of looking at things.  How this manifests for each and every person varies greatly.  As the healing and transformation process proceeds, any old constructs, false beliefs or understandings that no longer serve us that we still hold will be reflected outwardly in circumstances and situations that will trigger us into release and renewal.  If we continue to stubbornly hold on, the outward reflections will become even stronger until we finally release our grip.  This of course will manifest differently for each individual.  For me personally, I have just gone through this difficult process in regard to my mindset toward money as a form of safety and security.  I did hold on stubbornly for a while to my old mindset as outward circumstances triggered me, but outward circumstances continued to trigger me more strongly until I finally let go of my belief that I need money to give me feelings of safety and security.  Ultimately, even though the process of letting go of the false belief that money is needed to feel truly safe and secure was very difficult and painful, I now feel more free and have a stronger sense of inner personal power and security rather than depending on outside sources such as money to give that to me.  I liken it to the Tower card in the Tarot where lightning strikes the old tower or construct that we have built and the people tumble out of the tower, but it's a blessing in disguise as they are also released from old burdens and fears and gain newly found inner security and peace.

So when these reflections occur, I now try to look at them as opportunities for renewal, release and growth rather than something to fear or run away from.