Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Creation and The New World Consciousness

All of Creation is in the process of a massive transformation and rebirth.  The old creational paradigm is in the process of completing and we are rapidly moving towards the birth of an entirely new creational paradigm.  As part of this overall process, a new human consciousness is emerging.  This new human consciousness is fully whole, balanced and unconditionally loving, as well as being very powerful.  Those that choose to host The New World Consciousness will become a new type of creator being sponsored by the Supreme Creator that is capable of creating new systems and  universes.

There is still much healing, re balancing and transformation that must take place for humanity, the planet and the entire universe before we complete the current Creation and the new Creation is finally birthed.  Each of us is an important and integral part of the overall universal plan and we are all co-creators in the birthing of the New Creation.   My plan is to develop a series of YouTube videos in association with my e-Book that will explain in as much detail as possible how to prepare for the New Creation and the New Human Prototype.  In these videos, I will start from the beginning and explain how and why we got to where we are and where we are going in accordance with The Divine Plan of Creation.  These videos will be available at

Much Love and Light to all.