Monday, November 18, 2013

Going Deep

I'm now in a phase in my healing process where I'm being guided by my intuition to go deep into my subconscious to work on my deepest wounds, fears and traumas.  The realm where this deep pain resides is shadowy and confusing and to be perfectly honest, this is a dark, difficult road to go down. However, I fully trust my intuition to lead me to the places in my subconscious realm that need healing.

The Moon tarot card keeps coming up in my tarot readings and tells me that my internal process is now focusing on a shadowy and confusing place, and that's exactly how it seems when I explore these deep subconscious realms.  This isn't a place I can go with my conscious mind as the moon represents intuition, feelings and our feminine side.  I'm finding that the best way to approach this aspect of the healing process is to simply allow the feelings associated with these deep wounds, fears and pain to come forward to be moved and expressed without any judgment or trying to figure out how or why I have them.

Also, another way I've learned to go deep is to immerse myself in water.  Water represents the subconscious mind and is a good vehicle to help one get in touch with the deep subconscious.