Saturday, September 22, 2012

Freedom to Evolve

The planetary ascension process/transformation process that we are undergoing, chaotic as it may appear in the world outwardly, is freeing everyone and everything, including our physical planet, from oppression and suffering. We are Evolutionary Will Beings and we cannot fully grow and evolve if we are oppressed and denied full freedom in any way. The new era we are approaching promises a new dawn which includes unconditional freedom for all of humanity.

I just read a quote from Suu Kyi and it really puts into a nutshell the necessity for complete freedom for all of humanity. NBC New's Ann Curry asked Suu Kyi in an interview "what her message is to other people all over the world struggling for freedom". Suu Kyi replied "It's the same struggle for everybody everywhere because unless we are free we can't really realize our own potential. And if we can't realize our own potential we are like a crippled tree. It would be a stunted growth". To me Suu Kyi is a true self-master that really understands the innate nature of our being.

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