Saturday, August 11, 2012

Healing and Reversing Fragmentation

Wholeness and balance on all levels of being is key in the new evolutionary era, therefore one of the most critical aspects of the healing and transformation process in preparation for the new era is the healing and reversal of all fragmentation.  This is true whether the fragmentation has been purposeful, as in the case of the I AM/Monad breaking down into Higher Selves and subsequent soul extensions, or non-purposeful. as in the case of the lost and denied parts of Self.

All species of beings and spirits in the entire universe are fragmented in one form or another and are currently undergoing, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, a return to wholeness and balance in preparation for the new evolutionary era.

Part of the process of returning to wholeness and balance is the upheavals we have been experiencing and will be experiencing in a more accelerated form in the near future on Earth.  Keeping in mind that what is happening or will be happening is part of the healing and transformation process and that loving and accepting the painful emotions that are triggered is key to navigating through these ever accelerating times of massive upheaval and change. 

As always, listen within as your deeper Self is where you will always find your most helpful and highest support and guidance.