Friday, June 8, 2012

True Enlightenment

 In the current denial based paradigm, the dominant understanding of enlightenment is inherently flawed. Many believe that in order to be enlightened, one must transcend or rise above passions, desires and emotions. This typically entails never allowing one’s “inner peace” to be disturbed. It’s important to understand that this concept of enlightenment is denial based as it denies and undermines our feminine aspect of being.

Our feminine essence expresses as our passions, desires, emotions, deep inner knowing and intuition. When we deny and repress our feminine parts of self, we undermine the ability of our feminine essence to freely vibrate and express thus diminishing valuable innate abilities and our very humanness. Our feminine essence is magnetic in nature and one of its roles is to draw Creator Light. If we suppress, deny and undermine our feminine essence, it cannot vibrate freely and loses its ability to draw Light, diminishing our consciousness. This directly diminishes enlightenment.

True enlightenment doesn’t deny any aspect of the self and incorporates wholeness and balance of being.