Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Clearings are Progressing

Over the last few months, my personal clearing process has greatly accelerated. I've had to face quite a bit of old stuff that was coming up and was extremely hard to face, mostly old fears. But now that I'm almost on the other side of this particular stage of the process, I must say that I feel not only more light-filled as the places in my essence that used to hold fear are now able to hold more light, but also stronger and more resilient. Is anyone having similar experiences?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Freedom to Evolve

The planetary ascension process/transformation process that we are undergoing, chaotic as it may appear in the world outwardly, is freeing everyone and everything, including our physical planet, from oppression and suffering. We are Evolutionary Will Beings and we cannot fully grow and evolve if we are oppressed and denied full freedom in any way. The new era we are approaching promises a new dawn which includes unconditional freedom for all of humanity.

I just read a quote from Suu Kyi and it really puts into a nutshell the necessity for complete freedom for all of humanity. NBC New's Ann Curry asked Suu Kyi in an interview "what her message is to other people all over the world struggling for freedom". Suu Kyi replied "It's the same struggle for everybody everywhere because unless we are free we can't really realize our own potential. And if we can't realize our own potential we are like a crippled tree. It would be a stunted growth". To me Suu Kyi is a true self-master that really understands the innate nature of our being.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Healing and Reversing Fragmentation

Wholeness and balance on all levels of being is key in the new evolutionary era, therefore one of the most critical aspects of the healing and transformation process in preparation for the new era is the healing and reversal of all fragmentation.  This is true whether the fragmentation has been purposeful, as in the case of the I AM/Monad breaking down into Higher Selves and subsequent soul extensions, or non-purposeful. as in the case of the lost and denied parts of Self.

All species of beings and spirits in the entire universe are fragmented in one form or another and are currently undergoing, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, a return to wholeness and balance in preparation for the new evolutionary era.

Part of the process of returning to wholeness and balance is the upheavals we have been experiencing and will be experiencing in a more accelerated form in the near future on Earth.  Keeping in mind that what is happening or will be happening is part of the healing and transformation process and that loving and accepting the painful emotions that are triggered is key to navigating through these ever accelerating times of massive upheaval and change. 

As always, listen within as your deeper Self is where you will always find your most helpful and highest support and guidance.  

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Planetary Clearing is Accelerating

The planetary healing and transformation process is accelerating as old thought forms and denials are being more actively dredged up for clearing. Although it may appear as though we are living in increasingly chaotic times, in actuality we are undergoing a massive cleansing and transformation process in preparation for the new evolutionary paradigm. It's important to love and accept the grief and pain that is triggered in you by these clearings so that you may heal and clear your own impacted and repressed energies.

Solitude and Sadness

 As the healing and transformation process proceeds, you may be feeling the need for more solitude and quiet time. This is a perfectly natural part of the process as we transition to going within more to access our inner guidance and knowing and this requires reducing outside chatter in order to really be able to listen within.

You may also be experiencing some level of sadness. This is also a very natural part of the process as we are making our completions as we move toward leaving the old Earth and the old Creation and head to a completely new reality. Let yourself feel what you need to feel without judgment as moving through whatever comes up is an important part of the process as well.

Time is Accelerating as We Move Toward the Paradigm Shift

Time is accelerating as we move toward the paradigm shift (i.e. the opening of the fifth dimension). Between now and the paradigm shift, world stage events will escalate and things are going to move more and more rapidly. When the paradigm shift occurs and we open up to the fifth dimension, time as we know it will end. Although we will still have awareness of linear time, we will also be aware of the Eternal Now which is the eternal moment beyond time and space wherein the past, present and future exist simultaneously.

Discovering the Self – A Journey Within

 In the process of ascending and preparing for the New World Consciousness or the GodSelf, we are merging, level by level, with all the dimensional levels of the Self from the Higher Self/Oversoul to the deepest level of Self, the fully transpersonal layer or Deity within.

In these unprecedented times of deepening and expanding consciousness, we are being presented with an opportunity for tremendous self-discovery. As we take the time to meditate and journey deep within, we immerse ourselves in the infinite vastness of the Self. In the continuing process of self-discovery, one experiences the transformation and release of limiting and fixed concepts and mindsets and the movement into one’s greatness and power as never before experienced. We are realizing the vast and powerful beings we were created to be. This is only the beginning . . .

Humans are Fully Sovereign and Free Will Beings

 Humans were created to be unconditionally sovereign and free will beings. The divine purpose of human beings is to evolve through the creating and recreating of the self in accordance with personal free will. In our world today, there is much oppression and overriding of the rights, sovereignty and free will of humanity. This is worse in some areas on the planet than others, but in general, an environment that supports unconditional free will and sovereignty doesn’t exist anywhere on this planet. This is all changing as we move from the old denial based paradigm to the new denial free paradigm. The new paradigm will fully support the unconditional free will and sovereignty of all of humanity. This is not naive idealism, but is written in The Divine Plan of Creation.

True Enlightenment

 In the current denial based paradigm, the dominant understanding of enlightenment is inherently flawed. Many believe that in order to be enlightened, one must transcend or rise above passions, desires and emotions. This typically entails never allowing one’s “inner peace” to be disturbed. It’s important to understand that this concept of enlightenment is denial based as it denies and undermines our feminine aspect of being.

Our feminine essence expresses as our passions, desires, emotions, deep inner knowing and intuition. When we deny and repress our feminine parts of self, we undermine the ability of our feminine essence to freely vibrate and express thus diminishing valuable innate abilities and our very humanness. Our feminine essence is magnetic in nature and one of its roles is to draw Creator Light. If we suppress, deny and undermine our feminine essence, it cannot vibrate freely and loses its ability to draw Light, diminishing our consciousness. This directly diminishes enlightenment.

True enlightenment doesn’t deny any aspect of the self and incorporates wholeness and balance of being.

Truth or Not?

Humanity is awakening exponentially as we get closer to the paradigm shift. As a result, more and more individuals are searching for answers and trying to sift through hundreds if not thousands of books, websites, blogs, youtube videos, etc. to get these answers. With so much information out there, how do we determine what is true and what isn't? Is 2012 the end of the world or is it a new evolution and transformation? Is ascension real or not? Is a certain piece of channeled information from a reliable and benevolent source or not?

The best possible way to determine if outwardly sourced information is right or true for you is to go within and run it past your deep inner knowing. We all have a deep, inner knowing that reveals to us what our personal truths are and what is right for us. If you come across some material that you aren't sure is true for you, go within and see if it feels right for you. Our deep inner knowing and wisdom is sentient in nature and operates at the feeling level. The key is having complete trust in the Self and you cannot possibly go wrong.

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!  My name is Donna Kenny and I'm the author of the e-book titled Heal Yourself - Heal the World: Preparing for the New World Consciousness.

We are living in exciting and unprecedented times.  On this blog I'll be sharing information and insights regarding the healing and transformation of Earth, Humanity and all Creation as we prepare to move into a completely new system of Creation and birth the New Earth and the New World Consciousness.  I welcome you to share any insights, comments and questions you may have as well.