Sunday, June 28, 2015

Articles Pertaining to The New World Consciousness and The New Creation

I am adding a new section to my website that will have articles pertaining to The New World Consciousness and The New Creation (The New Heaven and The New Earth).  These articles will expand on many of the basic themes covered in my book.  Here is a link to the new article section:The New World Consciousness Articles 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love is the Glue . . .

Love is the Glue that literally holds Creation together.   

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Evolution in a Nutshell

If I were to put evolution in a nutshell, it would be the process in which we continually increase our personal love quotient.  The Mother/Father God of our universe is an evolutionary being that is evolving towards greater and greater Love.  The same stands for the human evolutionary will being that is a microcosm of Deity.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Universal Balancing Process is in Progress

As our entire universe prepares to shift into the New Creation, we are currently undergoing a massive universal balancing process.  Never before in the existence of all of Creation has a balancing process of this magnitude occurred. 

Some of the imbalances that are being rectified have actually been in place since the inception of our universe and as we undergo the transformation to prepare for the New Creation, all existing imbalances must be rectified once and for all. 

Higher frequency energies emanating from Deity are flooding the Earth and all of Creation in order to cleanse, balance and transform Creation in preparation for the shift into the New Creation.  On Earth, as our planet and humanity undergo the universal balancing process, we are experiencing chaos and upheaval which will continue to accelerate until the balancing process is complete on all levels.  On the individual level, the best way to approach this process is to love and accept the pain and grief triggered in you by the personal and global reflections.  In this way, you will heal your own imbalances.

As this stormy process continues to accelerate, it may seem as though there is no end to the chaos and upheaval and it may even seem to be the end of the way of life as we know it.  This is in no way a judgment or punishment from God but simply a process that must necessarily occur if we are to successfully move to the next level of evolution and shift into the New Creation.  Be assured that this is only a temporary state of being and we will come out of the other end of the storm as much more empowered, free and joyful beings ready to step into our New Creation and our true divine destiny.  The best is yet to come!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Use of Crystals in Healing and Ascension Work

Crystals are very useful tools in healing and ascension work.  In my e-book titled Heal Yourself - Heal the World: Preparing for the New World Consciousness, I mention that I used green aventurine to heal an aura imprint from a past life. 

There are many types of crystals and gemstones that can used in the healing and ascension work and the decision as to which ones to use is based on what types of issues and/or blocks an individual needs to work on.  For example, Tigers Eye is one of the crystals I am currently working with.  This crystal is helping me to better serve my ascension process by enabling me to achieve better mental focus and thought processes and allowing me to be more aware of my conditioned responses and self-imposed limitations.

Your higher inner guidance and intuition can help you to discern which crystals are best for you in the current stage of your healing and ascension work.  I also find that when I'm selecting a crystal to purchase, it helps to hold the crystal and see if it "speaks" to me.  I've selected many of my most helpful crystals simply by holding them and seeing if they resonated with me.  If a crystal feels right then I know it's a crystal that I may need in my healing and ascension work. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Healing and Releasing Deep Blockages and Traumas

Every human carries some deep blockages and traumas at the subconscious level.  Some of these blockages and traumas are from our current or past lives and some are primal traumas which were created before we were birthed from Mother/Father God and did not yet have individual consciousness.

In the case of the very severe pain we hold, we may have even put up subconscious blocks to protect ourselves from the memories of the experiences that caused the pain as we may be afraid that remembering or reliving these traumas could harm or kill us.

Even though we may not be consciously aware that we hold deep blockages and traumas, they affect us immensely. They govern our life and behavior from our subconscious levels.  They hold our essence hostage and thus decrease our personal power, free will, consciousness and vibratory level.

Healing these blockages and traumas requires delving into the subconscious realms and facing and loving the pain and emotions held there.  When you feel ready to face and heal your deeply held pain, ask your spirit guidance and higher self/ intuitive guidance for help as to the best ways to approach your healing process. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding a Lost Part of My Self

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on deep subconscious healing.   Today I did a meditation  where I visualized myself climbing down a winding stairway.  The stairs were white polished marble and the railing was light and shiny.  I met my intuitive guidance along the way as I was going down the stairs.  She was slightly in front of me, holding a candle, and motioning for me to continue down.  As I continued down the stairs, they started darkening in appearance. The rails and the marble became darker the deeper we descended.   I couldn't see my intuitive guidance very well until we reached the bottom of the stairs.  My intuitive guidance presented as a woman dressed all in white, but what was unusual was that her face was completely covered with white mesh or gauze, so I couldn't see her features.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs, she presented three doors to me and I selected the far right door.  She opened the door and I entered.  The space was dark and quiet.  My intuitive guidance closed the door.  Feelings started flooding me and I was seeing the words "scared", "sad" and "alone" flashing before me.  I used my inner light to scan the space and saw a young girl about the age of 8 or 9 sitting on the floor, head down and knees pulled to her chest.  She had dark hair and eyes and looked very sad and disheveled.  I reached down to touch her and she startled.  I put my arms around her and I experienced intense pain and sadness which expressed through me as sobbing, wailing and shaking.  I realized that this little girl was a part of my Self, my very own essence that I had lost long ago.  She was holding some of my deep pain that I was holding outside of my love and light.  I held her tightly as the pain that she, this part of me, was holding continued to express through me until it had completely expressed.  When the pain was done expressing,  I told her how much I loved her and that now she was safe.  I opened the door and walked out holding the little girl.  We walked up the steps and as we were reaching the top, a bright, warm and loving light greeted us.  I am now one step closer to being whole.